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Dust-free sanding parquet (almost) everything is possible.

Dust-free sanding parquet

We work dust-free using the Bona Dust Care System.

How do we proceed? We first Making an appointment to assess the floor whether it is worthwhile to sand.

Terp Leaky we can tell you what treatments are needed to make your floor optimally and give an appropriate quotation.


Parquet sanding and finishing again is a profession apart.Menig do it yourselfer will confirm this. Experience, good equipment and materials are very important. Your existing flooring is completely bare sanded, any nails (tapis and burgundy floors) are gedreveld and the holes and seams to be stopped again. After abrading, the floor is polished to obtain a surface as smooth as possible. If the flooring is smooth and completely free of dust, the floor can be treated. Traditionally laid parquet will last a lifetime. But also wear a parquet floor, especially after years of intensive use. A wooden floor has the advantage that you can make it just like new again by a layer from sanding. The pits and scratches are sanded out. Boards that e.g. too damaged can be replaced with new boards. After treatment (parquet sanding) your parquet floor again as beautiful of appearance as when it was just placed.

Wood floor sanding dust - Bona Dust Care System


Wood floor sanding dust =


The new system of Bona more than a vacuum cleaner; a revolution for your working environment! Wood floors dust-free sanding, better health and no nuisance to your customers.


1. Better for your health. 2. Beneficial for people with a (dust) allergy. 3. House under the dust of the past. 4. Better for the environment.
Last of dust during sanding? And your customers complain about the amount of dust after sanding? Bona has now solved this problem with the Bona Dust Care System. It is a completely sealed system - thanks to an ingenious seamless filter bag can not escape the dust during the changing of the bag. This allows the Bona Dust Care Single provides a virtually dust-free results! Parquet sanding without dust and reduced odor. Developed for professional use. Much more powerful than a normal vacuum cleaner. The powerful engine and a patented two-stage cyclone care system ensures that the fabric securely in the Bona Dust Care Single is collected. Specialist for sanding and painting your Wooden / Parquet floor in Alphen aan den Rijn. We work the floor or with a PVC or Choose from 26 colors olie.Tevens You have the ability to work off the floor with a Hardwachs oil.